Friday, 3 January 2014

Clothes Show Live Haul

This post should've gone up a fair while ago but still, it's better late than never! I went to the Clothes Show back in December with my friend Emma. Over the years, I've been to the Clothes Show quite a few times but I hadn't been for 2 years so I was excited to go again! We made a day of it by having a MAC makeover in the morning (see my post here) and then a little bit of shopping in town before heading to the NEC.

We went on the last day (which i'd never done before) and were surprised by the bargains to be had. Before going we were unsure as to whether going on the last day would work out to be good or bad but I think we did well!

From what I've heard/read, a lot of people didn't buy much at all and weren't impressed. I was on a mission to treat myself so did end up getting a fair bit although I would've liked to have got some more clothes considering it's called 'The Clothes Show'. There seemed to be less well known brands this year and the beauty section definitely out did the market hall of clothes!

Here's what I got:

I've wanted a personalised Claireabella bag for absolutely ages as I love things with my name on but they cost £45 to be personalised. Claireabella had a Clothes Show offer where I got this pre-designed one for just £10. I think it's really cute so couldn't say no!

I loved the idea of the beauty advent calendars but thought they were a bit pricey. This Ciate one retailed for £42 in Selfridges. I managed to get it for just £10 in the last few hours of the Clothes Show! 24 nail varnishes. I know some people picked it up for £25 at the start of the Clothes Show so this was definitely my best bargain.

I loved the quotes and i'm definitely going to have a beauty calendar next year. Chocolate ones aren't going to cut it anymore! 

So pretty....

On a bit of a whim , I decided to get these crazy colours hair dye in lavender and lilac. They were 2 for £5 so, let's see if I ever get round to using them....

This jumper is the only clothing item that I got, it was £12 but as i was thinking about it, the seller offered to throw in one of these headband things, turns out he put both in the bag so I got a good bargain here!

I looked specifically for this stand (Popband) as I knew that I wanted to pick some of these hair bobbles up. They're so pretty especially the jewelled ones. I paid £10 for the above but wish I got more!

Models Own had an offer on of 3 nail varnishes for £10 plus their goody bag. However, as a last day special they changed this to 5 nail varnishes for £10! A lot of the nicer colours had probably gone but this was a good deal.

I used to love the goody bags but I thought more this time about whether I'd actually use the products as I've come home with a lot of tat before.

I also chose the Jelly Pong Pong lucky bag as it was £5. I got the above products which seem to be mixed with So Susan which i'm assuming is a sister brand. I've had the pencil before in a Glossybox in Khaki and I loved it so i'm pleased with the pencils. I also had a concealer palette but it was too broken so I threw it away.

I'm pleased with what I picked up and am looking forward to going next year!


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  1. Great selection of products! I had the Ciate advent calendar as a present and loved it! I really want some of the Popbands, I walked by the stand but didn't get any :(

    Vanessa xx