Friday, 13 December 2013

MAC Cosmetics Makeover

Prior to the Clothes Show on Tuesday, I had a MAC makeover in Selfridges, Birmingham. My friend, Emma had pre-booked the appointments in store.

A 30 minute session is £20 and 60 minutes, £30. However, the bonus is that this money is then redeemable on products! We went for the hour long session as we knew we could spend £30 easily.

The make up artists were really nice and asked us what kind of look we would like. I thought that I might aswell go for something a little different to what i'd normally do so I went for a smokey eye look with lots of glitter!

They went and gathered some of the products that they were going to use.

I'm pleased that I finally know my MAC shade. I've never wanted to have to go bare faced or anything to find out but as predicted, I'm pale as normal and NC15.
I'm afraid that these are phone pictures and not the best quality but here' the finished look!

The make up artist then proceeded by completing a face chart for us to take away, listing all the products used and then it was shopping time. It's usually pretty hard to get anybody's assistance in MAC because they're so busy but they made sure to stay with us until we were done and had chosen our products.

I chose a lustre lipstick in Lovelorn (£15) which is this pretty pink shade and I also picked up the Fix Plus Spray (£14.50) which i've been thinking about for a while and the Brush Cleaner (£10).

Overall, I was pleased with the results and if you're planning on spending some money in MAC anyway, why not book yourself in for a treat. You're not losing anything!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fall Accessories Haul

Over the past month or so, i've collected quite a few accessories that I haven't shared on my blog yet. So, I've put it into a collective haul below and i'll also do one on the beauty products that i've picked up in a separate post!

I wanted to get a new bag as the one that I was using before has always managed to set the alarm off in shops and it's so embarrassing! It was from Zara last year and it must be something in the lining of the bag! However, this bag is totally me; you can't go wrong with black and then I always like a bit of sparkle!

I'm loving snoods so much more than scarfs lately. I like this monochrome print as it should go with a lot of things.

Frilly Black Socks - Ebay - £4.60 for 3 pairs

I got these to wear with my cut out boots from New Look, I got 3 for the price of 1 pair in River Island!

Fingertip Rings - £2.99 for 3, New Look

Hair Scrunchies £2.99 for 2, New Look

All products are linked if you fancy a look.

Let me know what items you've been buying recently!