Sunday, 13 October 2013

HOUSE OF HOLLAND - Face Ache Nails by Elegant Touch

I love wearing fake nails because they always look so much better than my own. I'm known to be the one with extravagant nail art and these definitely fall into that boat.

The designer Henry Holland has collaborated with Elegant Touch to create some gorgeous fake nails for his House of Holland collection.

My lovely Ryan picked these up for me from Boots. They are the HOUSE OF HOLLAND - Face Ache Nails by Elegant Touch which retail for £8.99 (available here at Boots) and there are a variety of cool designs to choose from.

Each pack contains 24 nails, so 2 wears and a few spare. The sizing is okay but there is a giant thumb nail which is literally 2 of my thumbs so I definitely won't be using that one! They are almond shaped nails.

They claim to last 10 days but I always carry nail glue around with me just incase. Each set comes with said nail glue and a file too.

They're a quirky design and what you'd expect from House of Holland.

Here are some other examples, some of the other designs are more subtle though!

They would make a great stocking filler!

Which ones are your favourite?


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