Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Newlife Centre

I've briefly posted before about the Newlife Centre. Basically, it is a place where shops send their excess, old and even faulty stock for resale to benefit charity.

To shop there, you have to sign up for an annual membership card which only costs around £4. This gives you exclusive discounts which change on a daily basis. A gold membership package is also available at a slightly higher price which offers more discounts. These may include 20% off blue marked items etc. 

I regularly see items in there from River Island, Primark, Accessorise, Monsoon and New Look. River Island bags actually state that they support the Newlife Centre! 

The 'catch' is that the labels are cut out of the clothing so that you can't resell them and technically you can't see what brand the item is from. However, I am pretty good at spotting things that i've seen in shops or guessing from the label remains! 

The prices are really good. Sometimes when I go I don't find anything at all but then sometimes i'll find a few things. Ryan has family local to the store so it's a perfect excuse to head over there.

As the prices are so reasonable, I use it as an excuse to try different trends/styles that I wouldn't usually try. They stock clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and there is also a homeware store opposite.

For you Midlands bloggers, the postcode is: WS11 7GF.

I found this skirt which I have been eyeing up in River Island for a while so it was a bargain at £4.99. Then, I think that I got an extra discount at the checkout. It just means you can't return it if you accept the extra discount offer but for the price you pay, I've never bothered to take anything back anyway and it goes to charity.

This cardigan was £7.99 I think before the extra discount. It fits nicely and I really like it.

Finally, this yellow dress was something that I picked up 'out of my comfort zone'. This has some foundation marks round the neck which is probably why it ended up at the Newlife Centre. £7.99 before discount.

From the homeware store, I picked up a thick Paperchase notebook for £1.50 and a 'Really Useful Box' for £3.

Have any of you ever been?


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