Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Primark Haul

This post is slightly overdue hence the gorgeous sunny weather and the outside photos but you know what I'm going to show you anyway!

This is a Merry Hill Primark Haul. I specify Merry Hill as they definitely have the nicest Primark there compared to the one in Birmingham town. I only to go to Primark when I go to Merry Hill Shopping Centre as everything's laid out nicely there and you don't have to rummage around the floor and fight to get past people!


I'm starting to add more basic pieces to  my wardrobe as they're so easy to throw together and don't really go out of fashion.

First up, I love these hair turbans that are only £1.50, i've picked one of these up on my last three visits! They're just so convenient.

Next up, a casual grey t shirt with 'pearl' studding. This was £4. 

Basic grey t shirt with dipped back £5

Black swing vest with gold chain straps £5

I love the chain straps and wish that i'd picked up a couple of these in other colours! I've worn this so much and the chain detail makes it look a lot more dressy than it is. 

Paisley Print Denim Jeans £12

I wanted some polka dot printed jeans but didn't want to pay too  much for them as I knew they'd be something that I wouldn't wear too much. I spotted these and thought they were a good choice for both the price and style. The paisley print is quite subtle but I really like it!

Merry Hill has also been voted the 6th best shopping centre in the UK! It's definitely one of my favourite places to go for a day out.



  1. Love the black vest with gold straps!


  2. There is so many lovely things in Primark at the minute, don't you just love the jeans? I religiously buy a pair every single time i'm in primark because I think they are amazing!