Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Empties

A little bit late this month but I decided to make the most of the weather and take my pictures outside!

Here's what i've used up:

Bioderma 250ml - If you haven't tried this yet, i'd recommend that you go and get yourself some! It's amazing how a water based product can cleanse your face so thoroughly. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Light and Blonde/Wild - I prefer the original dry shampoo's to the hint of colour. It made my hair really yellow whereas the regular ones tend to brighten my hair but as always with dry shampoo, it has to be Batiste.

No7 Eye Make Up Remover - This is a great product and definitely worth getting if you have a £5 off No7 voucher. I went to repurchase this today but my local store was sold out. 

Sure Compressed Deodorant

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel - Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil - This came in a Glossybox a fair while ago but I put off using it because the bottle was pretty, it is the most foamy product going. I love all the 'foamburst' style products.

Bath and Bodyworks Pocket Bac Strawberry Cupcake - I buy these for the scent, they're so much better than alcohol scented ones!

Beyonce Heat Rush 30ml Perfume - This is a great summer scent, really fruity and orangey. It's more of a daytime scent compared to Beyonce's original Heat scent.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powders - Transparent - This features every month, I may have to stop mentioning it aha. I love it though.

Elemis Fresh Skin Softly Softly - Daily Moisturiser - I really liked this and may put a review post up on it. It worked well on my sensitive skin and was a nicely scented and textured.

Kate Moss Lilabelle Perfume - I like this, it's mainly floral based and an everyday scent!

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Conditioner - This came at the perfect time in last months Glossybox, I'd just had my highlights done and was going on holiday so the travel size of it was perfect too! 

Ted Baker - Relaxing Bath Soak 

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara - This originated in a Glossybox and I really liked it. I'll definitely consider purchasing when my mascara stash decreases. It's a thick brush that really plumps and lengthens lashes.

Eucerin Intensive Foot Cream - This is a line from a new range that we are stocking where I work. This was a good product and I'm going to look into the rest of the range.

Benefit Hello Flawless Sample

Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco Shampoo and Conditioner Samples - I was impressed with how quickly and how much this lathered! I'd like to try the Surf range but can't justify spending £18 a bottle on it.



  1. wow you have used lots up this month Tasha! I want to try the bumble and bumble products too but cant justify the price either xx

  2. I love Beyonce Heat smells gorgeous! I use that powder a lot too.