Monday, 13 May 2013

Holidayyy :)

I'm going to Tunisia in June just before my 21st birthday! I'm really excited especially as it's my first proper sunny holiday.

My plan is to have a little series of posts of things that I purchase ready to take away with me as most of my shopping up until then will be holiday related!

Firstly, I had been lusting after this suitcase in T K Maxx since I first saw it back in January (I posted a picture on Instagram). I resisted for 4 months but then after booking our holiday I had the perfect excuse to buy it!

It is from the Guess Scattered Hearts Collection. It is available in white/pink, pink/yellow and black/pink. I chose the medium size which was in clearance for £55 from £70, so I'm glad that I waited!

I can't believe how quickly it has come around, I go in about 5 weeks and I kind of don't want it to go as the build up itself has been so exciting!



  1. Is the suitcase big enuff for your wand?

  2. I HEART these, excuse the pun, but they are adorable, but will you fit all your clothes in it? my suitcase is huge usually, its actually ridiculous, I need to learn to travel light!

    Kirsty x www.rockit-style,