Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Holiday Haul .1 ft Havaianas

The last few times that i've been shopping I haven't actually found anything that I liked. It's always the same when you have money to spend nothing stands out to you and it is so annoying!

Last weekend, I headed out to pick up a few presents for people and finally found a few things for myself :)

The above top is from T K Maxx. I love T K Maxx but it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. It only cost £7.99 and I love the aztec print giraffes. It'll be perfect for my holiday. 

Also from T K Maxx are this lightweight cuffed trousers that were £16.99. They are from a brand called Mode and I saw a few other items from them that I quite liked. They don't photograph well at all but I think they'll be good to throw on whilst i'm away.

Ryan picked up these Havaianas for me and they're so pretty. I had a plain purple pair last year but the flower embellishments are so cute. 
They retail for £17.99 and are available here.


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