Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Perfume Samples

What's your opinion on the little 1.5ml perfume samples? All of mine tend to go in a box and I don't actually use them whether they came in a Glossybox or from a shop.

From the Merry Hill Event, there were quite a few in the goody bag from The Fragrance Shop.

There was a leaflet saying that they do a discovery box where for £5 each quarter you get to try 5 perfume samples and get £25 worth of discount vouchers.

I love the idea of the Sephora ones where you get minatures (I actually like them when they're that little bit bigger because they come in pretty bottles) and then get to trade a voucher in for a full size version of your favourite but I don't think The Perfume Shop's idea is as good a concept.


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