Sunday, 3 February 2013

My February Wishlist

I hate that I get paid by cheque as it means waiting at least an extra 5 days after pay day for my cheque to bank! Here, are a few things that are currently on my wishlist:


- I really want to try this out but i'm not going to France any time soon so I'm going to order a bottle of Ebay, they're going for about £12.

Bath and Bodyworks Anti Bacterial gel

 - I had an apple one which I used up last month. I know that you can get them from a lot of places but I like the pretty ones that smell yummy! I mainly get these for keeping in my pocket at work; working in a pharmacy means i'm usually surrounded by ill people so I don't want to catch anything!
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More Muji Storage

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- I picked up a few things the other day, post to come, but I want some more! I don't think I will be happy with my make up storage until I move out and have much more space!

MUA Lipsticks

I've had a few MUA products all of which were gifts, I really like them all but i've never actually looked at the MUA stand in Superdrug. Considering the lipsticks are only £1, I want to try one to see what they're like!


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  1. Great wishlist! MUA products are great and would luv to know how you get on with the Bioderma when it comes^^