Sunday, 17 February 2013

MAC Dazzleglass - 'Funtabulous' and Lipstick in 'Up the Amp' Review

I chose MAC's Dazzleglass in Funtabulous whilst I was at the 'Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up' last month. To justify purchasing a new lipgloss when I already have hundreds I went for something completely different to anything else that I have - a crazy purple full of glitter :) To be fair, as it's me I tend to go towards pinks and purples more than neutral colours. 


As with all of the Dazzleglasses, It is a very sticky formula which is okay until your outside in the wind and your hair starts sticking to your lips! Staying power could be better but I do love the colour! 

Then, last weekend, me and Emma went shopping in town and went to both the MAC store and Selfridges. The staff in Selfridge's are so much nicer though! I picked up MAC's amplifier lipstick in 'Up the Amp' for £14.

It might not be a colour to everybody's taste but I love it! It does kind of make cracks in your lips show up more but it has really good staying power. 

Here it is worn alone:
Then, with 'Funtabulous' on top:

Funtabulous alone doesn't show up very well on camera but it does give a purple tinge in real life.



  1. yay this i so pretty! Im so happy you reviewed this! xxxxx

  2. i really like this but hate hate hate sticky glosses!! X X X