Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I'm pretty sure that i've never mentioned that I wear glasses on my blog, simply because I wish I didn't and I avoid wearing them wherever possible.

I'm meant to wear my glasses all the time and have done since I was 3 :( but I only tend to wear them at work and home. Whenever I go out anywhere they are off! 

I have tried contact lenses before but didn't get on with them.

Here's some rare snapshots of my new glasses!

Pair 1 - Karen Millen

I don't think that the shape of these suit me face :/ so no picture here aha! It's annoying though because I paid extra to get the anti-glare put in these ones and they are the ones that I don't like :(

Pair 2 - Missoni

sneaky shot whilst making a phone call at work


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