Saturday, 9 February 2013

Beauty Blogger Swap with Kel Loves

I have just taken part in my first beauty blogger swap with Kel from Kelloves. The swap was organised by Naomi from who very nicely paired everyone up!

The budget was only £10 and I really could've spent so much more as I had such fun shopping for products for the swap! 

Here's what Kel sent me:

Pretty wrapping :)

I resisting ripping this open especially to take a picture, it smelt amazing as soon as I opened it so I guessed that there might be a lush product involved!

Soooo exciting! 

Rimmel Apocalips in 102 Nova 

This is the perfect pink for me so i'm really impressed with Kel's choice. I've avoided Boot's so not to tempt me with all the products that I don't need but i'm so happy with this! I put it on as soon as I opened it. So far, the quality seems great and i'm glad I got to try one of these so I can think about getting other colour's in the future.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

Another pink product, bang on Kel, the raspberry scent is yummy and you can never have enough lip balms, I haven't tried any of the Nivea tins before but i've read a lot of good reviews.

Dead Sea Face Spa - calming and cleansing fabric facial

I like having reserves of face masks for when you get chance for a bit of a pamper night. This is a fabric one so will be easy to use. 

Lush Bath Ballistic in Space Girl

I've had this before it smells lovely and you can never go wrong with a bit of Lush!It's covered in glitter and has popping candy in :) 

image from

Dairy Milk with Oreo

I can't resist chocolate so this is a nice treat. Four hours after getting it, it's still untouched but it won't remain that way for much longer! 

I love absolutely everything Kel has got me so thank you! thank you! thank you! 

The swap was so exciting to take part in, i'd definitely be up for taking part in however many more!



  1. aww swaps are always so adorable, especially when there's food involved!

  2. What a lovely bunch of products, I've only ever done one blogger swap, would love to do another! xx