Sunday, 17 February 2013

MAC Dazzleglass - 'Funtabulous' and Lipstick in 'Up the Amp' Review

I chose MAC's Dazzleglass in Funtabulous whilst I was at the 'Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up' last month. To justify purchasing a new lipgloss when I already have hundreds I went for something completely different to anything else that I have - a crazy purple full of glitter :) To be fair, as it's me I tend to go towards pinks and purples more than neutral colours. 


As with all of the Dazzleglasses, It is a very sticky formula which is okay until your outside in the wind and your hair starts sticking to your lips! Staying power could be better but I do love the colour! 

Then, last weekend, me and Emma went shopping in town and went to both the MAC store and Selfridges. The staff in Selfridge's are so much nicer though! I picked up MAC's amplifier lipstick in 'Up the Amp' for £14.

It might not be a colour to everybody's taste but I love it! It does kind of make cracks in your lips show up more but it has really good staying power. 

Here it is worn alone:
Then, with 'Funtabulous' on top:

Funtabulous alone doesn't show up very well on camera but it does give a purple tinge in real life.


A different kind of UGG boot....

Here are my new Ugg's :) Ryan surprised with them after the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up and they have been perfect in the snow. 

I had the Ugg shoebox and they were definitely a surprise when I opened them as I'd never seen any Uggs like them before. I was expecting a pair of original ones but maybe in a different colour to the ones that I already have but these have been so useful!

They have really good grip which has saved me from slipping on the ice and they're really warm. I've even been able to wear them to work!

They don't have the Ugg logo on the back like the majority of Ugg's do but it is on the side. They are actually waterproof to minus 20 degrees centigrade!

They are currently in the sale reduced from £234.99 to £129.99 here.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Glossybox February 2013 - Valentine's Edition

A little behind on this one, I was eagerly awaiting it and then mine arrived almost a week after everybody else got there's!

But just in case any of you haven't seen it yet then here you go:

The box is really pretty!

Anatomicals Rose Body Cleanser
Sassoon Restoring Treatment for Coloured Hair
Micabella eyeshadow
Fat Cat Mascara
Miners Lipstick

Yay, a pink lipstick! Whenever I get make up in Glossybox, I always seem to get really unwearable shades so i'm really happy with this and even the eyeshadow is a nice neutral colour.

I'm actually really pleased with this month's box! We actually got 3 make up products this time too which is nice. 

My Valentines Treat's :)


Tuesday, 12 February 2013


A quick Pancake Day outfit :)

My favourite discovery today has been the Cadbury Egg and Spoons :) Yummy!

Jumper: River Island 
Trousers: New Look
Boots: tReds


Sunday, 10 February 2013

January Empties

I'm quite surprised at how many items i've finished this month but also glad because it's a start to me shrinking my current collection to a manageable level!

Beyonce Heat Perfume - I didn't mind using this up as I already have another bigger bottle of this waiting to be opened. We actually sell this where I work so I get a lot of perfumes for a good price. This is a strong scent so more of a night time choice. I prefer the Heat Rush version which is really fruity.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - My ultimate favourite and I am going to repurchase it very soon. I've finished off two bottles this month as i'm fed up of half empty bottles everywhere. I wear shade 150 in winter and 180 Sand Beige in summer.

Bath and Bodyworks Anti Bacterial Gel in Apple - This was delicious(not that I ate it aha) i'm going to purchase a bunch as mentioned in my February Wishlist here.

Boots essentials make up remover pads £1.50 - Considering the price these were really really good, I would repurchase them in the future but am impressed with the No7 eye make up remover at the moment!

Boots Mini Cocoa Butter - Emma bought me a set of these minature body butters for Christmas as seen here. I never did get round to doing my Christmas Haul Part 2 but it;s definitely too late for that now! I love these body butters, they are really moisturising and excellent quality. I like the fact that they are small too as I can throw one in my bag for when i'm staying out overnight.

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter - LOVE - I love all of the Soap and Glory products and already have a replacement which I got in the bumper Christmas set. It smells nice, It's really moisturising but i'm sure that you all know that already!

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I really shouldn't even bother mentioning this anymore, it's here every month, my all time staple!

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Conditioner - This is apple flavoured and smells lovely! I'm still working my way through the shampoo and it only cost me £1 from work.

Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish - (not pictured, my mum threw it away :/) This was a big bottle so i'm proud of myself for actually finishing it! I love strawberries so anything with that scent is yummy. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent - another staple item, i've never seen a bad review on this and considering I go through one of these every month i'm glad its only £3.99!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Beauty Blogger Swap with Kel Loves

I have just taken part in my first beauty blogger swap with Kel from Kelloves. The swap was organised by Naomi from who very nicely paired everyone up!

The budget was only £10 and I really could've spent so much more as I had such fun shopping for products for the swap! 

Here's what Kel sent me:

Pretty wrapping :)

I resisting ripping this open especially to take a picture, it smelt amazing as soon as I opened it so I guessed that there might be a lush product involved!

Soooo exciting! 

Rimmel Apocalips in 102 Nova 

This is the perfect pink for me so i'm really impressed with Kel's choice. I've avoided Boot's so not to tempt me with all the products that I don't need but i'm so happy with this! I put it on as soon as I opened it. So far, the quality seems great and i'm glad I got to try one of these so I can think about getting other colour's in the future.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

Another pink product, bang on Kel, the raspberry scent is yummy and you can never have enough lip balms, I haven't tried any of the Nivea tins before but i've read a lot of good reviews.

Dead Sea Face Spa - calming and cleansing fabric facial

I like having reserves of face masks for when you get chance for a bit of a pamper night. This is a fabric one so will be easy to use. 

Lush Bath Ballistic in Space Girl

I've had this before it smells lovely and you can never go wrong with a bit of Lush!It's covered in glitter and has popping candy in :) 

image from

Dairy Milk with Oreo

I can't resist chocolate so this is a nice treat. Four hours after getting it, it's still untouched but it won't remain that way for much longer! 

I love absolutely everything Kel has got me so thank you! thank you! thank you! 

The swap was so exciting to take part in, i'd definitely be up for taking part in however many more!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I'm pretty sure that i've never mentioned that I wear glasses on my blog, simply because I wish I didn't and I avoid wearing them wherever possible.

I'm meant to wear my glasses all the time and have done since I was 3 :( but I only tend to wear them at work and home. Whenever I go out anywhere they are off! 

I have tried contact lenses before but didn't get on with them.

Here's some rare snapshots of my new glasses!

Pair 1 - Karen Millen

I don't think that the shape of these suit me face :/ so no picture here aha! It's annoying though because I paid extra to get the anti-glare put in these ones and they are the ones that I don't like :(

Pair 2 - Missoni

sneaky shot whilst making a phone call at work


Sunday, 3 February 2013

My February Wishlist

I hate that I get paid by cheque as it means waiting at least an extra 5 days after pay day for my cheque to bank! Here, are a few things that are currently on my wishlist:


- I really want to try this out but i'm not going to France any time soon so I'm going to order a bottle of Ebay, they're going for about £12.

Bath and Bodyworks Anti Bacterial gel

 - I had an apple one which I used up last month. I know that you can get them from a lot of places but I like the pretty ones that smell yummy! I mainly get these for keeping in my pocket at work; working in a pharmacy means i'm usually surrounded by ill people so I don't want to catch anything!
image from

More Muji Storage

images from

- I picked up a few things the other day, post to come, but I want some more! I don't think I will be happy with my make up storage until I move out and have much more space!

MUA Lipsticks

I've had a few MUA products all of which were gifts, I really like them all but i've never actually looked at the MUA stand in Superdrug. Considering the lipsticks are only £1, I want to try one to see what they're like!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOTN - The Impossible

Last night, we went to Star City to grab some food and go to the cinema. We ate at The Harvester; one of my favourite places! Then, we went and watched 'The Impossible', the film about the tsunami. It was an interesting film but a bit gruesome :/

Here's what I quickly threw on:

As I haven't really bought any clothes this month*, I am actually rummaging threw my wardrobe to see what I can put together. This is a good thing as usually I wear things about four times and then they get replaced and banished to the wardrobe :/

*only 2 black vest tops from H&M, jeggings and my new jumper from TK Maxx, okay maybe that is a few things but I've spent a lot less than I normally would!*

Leather Jacket - New Look
Top - River Island
Trousers - New Look
Heels - Dune
Bag - Disney, Treds