Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013

Considering it's a New Year and a new start, I actually had higher hopes for my Glossybox. This month's box is the 'Detox Box'. Delivery was quicker than usual which was good but then i'm just impatient!

Lacoste Perfume Sample - 30ml, £33

Tiny perfume samples aren't something that I really like. This ones a flowery scent and is nice but it's definitely not a luxury sample and I've never gone out and bought any of the full sized versions of miniature samples that i've had or even used them up for that matter.

MONU Micro Exfoliant - 100ml, £14.50

This exfoliator sample is 30ml and i'm happy with it. I'll definitely use it but it wouldn't be something that i'd go and purchase myself. Well, we'll see if it surprises me!

SANCTUARY SPA Thermal Transformation Mask - 50ml, 75ml, £27.50

I prefer bottled samples as packets seem to accumulate with me and I don't get round to using them. 

BM Beauty Finishing Powder - 4g, £8

This looks quite shimmery so, I think i'll have to try this before giving an opinion!

MURAD Hydro Dynamic TM Ultimate Moisture for eyes - £57 for 15ml

Here we go then, my favourite product in the box. I'm really starting to think about eye creams at the moment. I always horrendously rub my eyes and I think it might be starting to take it's toll. I should know better but I can't help it! So, I used this last night before I went to bed and i could really feel it 'tightening' my skin. The sample size is 3ml which is worth £11.40. I'm impressed with this so far!

Finally, the cute addition:

The sleep mask :)

Without this, this month's box wouldn't have looked like much but nothing can beat the excitement of seeing what you get every month!


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  1. I've never subscribed to one of these but I am tempted as I do like surprises! I quite like little perfume samples to carry around in my bag, but I do prefer choosing my own :)