Sunday, 13 January 2013

Fake MAC

I got this eyeshadow palette for Christmas and i'd say it's fake. I'm not really a MAC fanatic and probably have just over ten MAC products but knowing make up enough tells me that it isn't legit.

I'm not sure whether the person that got me this was aware of the fact but i'm not going to say anything, if it was real of course i'd be very happy with it!

Firstly, I personally haven't seen a MAC palette this size (it's identical to the Sleek palettes in size). Then, you can't tell from the picture but it actually looks like the MAC logo has been tipexxed onto the packaging. 

Inside, it looks like the Sleek eyeshadows too and I haven't seen any MAC palettes that come with the silly little sponge applicators.

I'm definitely wary of using this incase it has any dodgy chemcials in. 

Let me know what you think about this!



  1. That's unfortunate! I'm no MAC junkie myself, and that definitely doesn't look real. :(

  2. I'd definitely say that that's a Sleek palette, what a shame :(

  3. Sorry but that is a fake, you should tell the person that got it for you as they have been ripped off and should report who they bought it from x

  4. That is fake, I've bought a Benefit primer online before and when it came I compared it to a one I had previously. The packaging was identical. But the product was greasy and when I applied it, felt just like lard. It was horrible to wash off and did not offer any of the advantages advertised. The previous one I got was perfect, very silky and lovely.
    Erica xo

  5. Definitely a fake. I don't know how people get away with this x x