Tuesday, 29 January 2013


My recent obsession has been candles!

Plain ones are boring but I love scented ones that you can smell when you walk through the door.

I'm really funny when it comes to scents, I don't like spiced scents at all. I smelt a spiced cider candle yesterday and it was horrible eventhough most people would probably like it. I like ones that smell like food and sweets aha.

I wish we could get Bath and Body Works Candles here in the UK. I ordered two minis on Ebay which came to almost £10! I actually thought they were bigger than they were. There is a website you can find them on with UK delivery but they're quite expensive and there are limited scents. http://www.bathandbodyshop.co.uk/

Wild Strawberry
Flower Shop

My favourite candle is one that I picked up from a card warehouse last year for about £2 ish! It's almost gone but for that price I should have picked up a few! It is cookie dough flavoured but I can't take a picture because it has fallen down the back of my TV and I can't get to it!

These Skittles candles were really cheap from B amd M Bargains for only 89p! I think you can get them in Poundland too. They have really good scent pay off.

Melon Berry

I got a few Yankee Candles for Christmas too, Ryan did really well picking the perfect scents for me! The Strawberry one is so good, I want to eat it and the other one is Pink Dragonfruit.



  1. I have a few bath and body works candles from swaps Ive done with my girlfriends in canada, I'd never buy them off ebay they're far too expensive!


  2. Great post Hun, I love the dragon fruit candle! I'm burning one from bomb cosmetics at the mo, you should check them out xxxxx

  3. Hey lovely, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! You can see my post about it here http://thefloralrepublic.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/liebster-award.html xx