Sunday, 16 December 2012

Glossybox December 2012

As I was unwrapping my Glossybox, I was really excited as it smelt absolutely amazing! Turns out this was because my Mary Greenwell Lemon perfume sample had smashed.  Glossybox are going to send me another one out but as it's only a perfume sample i'm not really that bothered. I'm pleased with the rest of the contents though!

Pretty Packaging :)

My favourite item is definitely the Seche Nail Varnish. Normally make up items that I receive in my Glossybox are colours that I wouldn't really wear but this is perfect :) It's like a pearly pink and is good after one coat.

Sleek Lipstick: This is a nice product to get, I would've preferred a pink/nude colour as I don't really wear red but i'm sure i'll use it sometimes.



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