Sunday, 11 November 2012

Primark Haul

I hate the Primark by me and literally haven't been in about 7 months as everything is just so messy and there are so many people in there pushing and shoving that you just can't move! But, my car isn't working at the moment so I thought it was a good excuse to get the bus to town as I don't really drive into town anyway. 

I went to pick up some long sleeve t shirts to wear under my work uniform but they're just plain and boring so I didn't include them but here are a few other things that I picked up.

Snood - £5

I love this colour at the moment and it's quite cute.

When I do go to Primark, I always look at the jewellery because it's so cheap that it doesn't matter if it breaks! This was only £3.

Again, cheap earrings £2, I always lose earrings so for this price it really doesn't matter!

Socks :) 2 in a pack £2.


I really didn't need pyjamas but they have so many nice pairs in Primark!

Rose fleece shorts set £6
Patterned leggings set £8



  1. Those pjammas are so pretty and that snood looks amazing! xxxx

  2. I love that snood!!