Saturday, 17 November 2012


I'm glad it's the weekend! Hopefully going to do some Christmas shopping today and hopefully upgrade my phone too! I have a Blackberry with a battery that dies after 2 hours which is ridiculous, I think I want to get a white Iphone :) 

I'm still waiting for my Glossybox to arrive. When they used to deliver through Royal Mail, I always got it the same day that they sent the despatched email but now its changed to courier and I got that email 3 days ago, booooo. Impatient I know :/ 

Leather Jacket: H&M this season £29.99
Snood: Primark £5 
Trousers: New Look £19.99
Boots: Treds £39.99



  1. Love how festive your scarf look great

  2. Your outfit is lovely, I love that scarf. Oh don't, I thought my blackberry battery was bad too, but it turns out my iPhone one isn't much better!

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    K, xo