Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Every birthday and Christmas, I ask myself what shall I buy him? It's so hard to come up with things unique when somebody buys everything they want anyway.

Ryan actually came up with this idea himself and he saved the design so i've gone and ordered them :)

Design your own converse.

These ones worked out at £54 with £8ish postage which is quite a bit for delivery. The estimated arrival time is 2-3 weeks. I like the fact that you can put your name on them but I think that's because I could never get anything with my name on as a kid in the gift shops, everything said Natasha rather than just Tasha.

I had a play around at making my own but I wouldn't buy them for myself because I rarely wear trainers and the ones I designed cost £66. I could buy some cute heels with that!

I might do a post at a later date on what else i'm getting for Ryan but I don't want him to see! He's adamant that he doesn't read my posts but i'm not sure and he might be tempted if he knows his presents are on here!



  1. Oh this is a great idea!! I just wish my bf was into sneakers :/

  2. Aah I had no idea you could design your own converse. what a brilliant idea xx