Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Work Shoes

I hate the fact that I have to wear a uniform for work everyday, I would absolutely love to wear smart clothes!

Black shoes are part of my uniform and are where I usually like to add a bit of sparkle, normally having dolly shoes with big diamantes on the front or something!

But, as I am on my feet all day i wear through my shoes really quickly and little dolly shoes aren't doing my feet any favours at all :( No matter how cute they are.

So, trying to be sensible I have been on the lookout for some sensible, practical but cute shoes that I can put some supportive insoles in.

I went to every shop under the sun including Clarks and Marks & Spencer aha but still no luck! I had seen some black and red riding boots (Chelsea Boots) in River Island that would've been okay if they were plain black. Luckily, my fiancee manages a shoe shop and he said that he had some similar ones there.

Perfect :)

They were £24.99 before discount ;)


The River Island ones are only in grey online. £30

And now i've ordered some arch insoles from Ebay for about £6.

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