Thursday, 18 October 2012

Glossybox Customer Service

On Tuesday, after receiving my Glossybox, I sent customer services an email because as I mentioned,  I had already received the Dermalogica Kit before. I also asked why there were only 4 products this month.

I almost had an immediate response which said that as the Dermalogica Kit was individually 3 products they had classed it as 2 product. This is fair enough to be honest as I would've been impressed if i hadn't received it before! They apologised for me receiving the same item again and said they would send another product out to me :)

Only two days later, a package arrived this morning and I was really confused as to what it was as I didn't think that I was expecting anything. They sent me the:

  • Yves Rocher Instant Anti - Wrinkle Moisturiser

This retails for £18 for 30ml so this is full size :) I might not have wrinkles now but we'll go with prevention ;)

I thought that was all and went to throw the envelope away before realising there was actually another product!

  • Murad Clarifying Mask

A 75g full size product is £38.00 and my sample is 30g, so again this is a good value sample! Defintely not complaining!

I'm really impressed with how Glossybox responded as I wasn't expecting anything to come of it, they were really helpful with a really quick turnaround!

Thanks Glossybox!

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