Friday, 19 October 2012

Fall Cleaning

I'm ill at the moment and am literally living in my pyjamas. I want to be productive but in my state that's not going to happen!

Last week, before I got ill, I started some 'Fall Cleaning'. I don't know if people do that as it's normally Spring Cleaning but here's what I like to do:

  • All of my summer clothes that i'm definitely not going to wear until at least next spring get packed away and taken up to the loft making space for more new winter clothes!

  • I've sorted through a lot of my things and i'm going to do a bootsale with a friend and hopefully make some money :) I don't like throwing things away unless they're broken so I tend to keep a lot of stuff but now it's time to go! Recently, I gave a lot of unwanted clothes away but half of this clothes rail are items with the tags still attached! I have 3 pairs of £40 River Island Jeans on there!



  1. Love it! I am exactly teh same, I have a big bag full of clothes that are on my 'To put on Ebay' list, but its far too much hassle to actually do. I love havng a good clear out at the end of each season it feels so invigorating, but the only issue is finding the time and the energy! Hope you feel better soon! keep wrapped up and drink lots of fluids! xxx

  2. After reading your post, I was determined to start and finish my own clear out! I worked all day yesterday and managed to pack up 8 bin bags of clothes that were too big or that I didnt like! It was echilerating! Now I just have to decide what goes on Ebay and what goes to charity! Hope you managed to finish yours off! xxx