Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Christmas Wishlist

A bit early for some maybe?

Oh well, I like to be prepared and start Christmas Shopping really early which makes Ryan think he has to aswell.

So here you go....

Sigma Make Up Brushes 

I have wanted these for absolutely ages. I think i'll feel like I have a complete set when I have these and wont be buying odd brushes here and there.

I originally wanted the pink set - make me blush but I've decided black is classier and they're actually cheaper. With the 10% discount code which this month is DEAL2012 they work out at £57 including postage.


My hair is pretty straight so I rarely straighten it anymore but this also means it doesn't stay curler for long. I've been saying for a while that I want some new curlers for a while and Ryan actually came back with these for me after going shopping the other day. These John Frieda Defined Curls are apparently the recommended option from the lady in Boots, bless him :) I actually used these for Halloween so check out my last post here to see how they worked.


I love getting home from work and putting my pyjamas on if i'm not going anywhere for the evening so why not have one of these aha.

Bath & Bodyworks Candles

Candles are my new found love at the moment. I ordered two Bath & Bodyworks Candles on Ebay - one in Wild Strawberry and the other Flower Shop. They are mini candles and came to £4.50 each but they are amazing and I want some more!They actually make your room smell of the scent which I find most candles don't.

This shop http://www.bathandbodyshop.co.uk is in the UK and actually stock a range of American products including EOS lipbalms waheyyy :) They have the Slatkin & co candles so when they get some different scents in i'm going to get some :)

Note: All items are linked.


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