Saturday, 20 October 2012

Berry Blast

1. River Island Dark Red Studded Jumper £35

I love this! They have it in dark grey to and I couldn't decide between the 2 because realistically i'd have both but i actually picked this up today after saving it on my laptop yesterday. Yay :)

2. River Island Boots £55

I really like these and to be fair, I don't think £55 is a bad price for them at River Island but I already have some riding boots for winter.

3. Berry/Oxblood Dress River Island £30

This could be dressed up or down but I need an excuse to buy it :)

4. River Island Polar Bear Sequin Jumper £25

Love! My favourite animal used to be a polar bear, maybe it still is but i used to have to buy anything with a polar bear on and this is really cute but i dont know if i'd really wear it that much if I had it.

I might aswell have called it a River Island post so far.....

but, I like these wedges from New Look too! I think they're £24.99 :)


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