Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Photoshoot Review and Pictures!

So, me and Ryan went for our photoshoot last Saturday :) We went to New ID Studio's in Birmingham.  We're really pleased with the pictures but it was a long process getting to them! We were there from 10am - 7pm. We were the seconds ones in and the last out so I think they were just been unorganised. 

We were told to take 4 outfits but then only got to wear 3, luckily I knew which one I wasn't that keen on so got rid of it straight away. We had to fill a card out describing our style and how we'd like our make up and hair. We went through to make up first and the lady was really nice. She was going through everything that she did and they actually do make up classes there. My make up was really nice. 

Then, after a long wait I had my hair done. Before the day, I knew I was going to get my make up done but i didn't know about my hair so that was a bonus! There is a proper hairdresser's in the studio with external people coming in. The hairdresser used a big tong on my hair and teased it because I asked for volume and she did a really good job. Unfortunately, by the time they took the photos most of the bounce had dropped because my hair doesn't hold anything however much hairspray you use.

Some time gone later, we got called to the photoshoot room. I was really nervous but it wasn't too bad and by then i was just excited to see the finished results.

Then, we were told that there would be a 45 minute wait before we could see our photos so, we went into Birmingham Town to get some Lunch. We went to Cafe Rouge and had some yummy pasta, I was really hungry by this point!

We headed back 45 minutes later and ended up waiting a further 2 hours! Waiting was so boring and making the day drag but it was fun when things were actually getting done.

Photo time :) We had about 50 to choose from and ended up with a package deal with this 8 prints on a  CD so that we can reproduce them and we are expecting a further 8 prints to come in the post but it takes up to 8 weeks! Those ones will have copyright on so you cant scan them :(

All in all, we're really pleased with the pictures and would do it again minus all the waiting! They did apologise though and said that they were overbooked. I got some KMS hair samples and some make up lesson vouchers etc, so i'm looking forward to using them :)


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