Sunday, 16 September 2012

Holiday Gift Haul :)

Me and Ryan have just got back from a nice week away in Cornwall :)

I love all of the cute gift shops there and always pick up a variety of things so here are the presents that we picked up for people....

Firstly, I picked this up from a really cute antique shop in Mevagissey. It's on a chain and you hang it in the light, this was for my mum :)

This Shamballa Bracelet was from Equlibrium and for Ryan's mum.

This Frisbee has a name tag space so we got this for Ryan's little brother.

I got this meerkat mug from Hawkin's Bazaar for my dad and some beer to go with :)

Then, I got this duck for my brother also from Hawkin's Bazaar and some fudge, toffee and shortbread because he is quite happy with food!

This plaque was for my Aunty and we got her a calender too.

Then, this wire boat was for my Uncle who actually lives in Cornwall. :)

Of course, we stocked up on traditional Cornish Fudge and bought back plenty of their Rattler Cider for the men! You can only get it in Cornwall and it's rather strong!

Next post - what I bought for myself ;)


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