Monday, 27 August 2012

Parcel Haul

It's almost the end of the month and I don't really have the money to be going shopping but cheeky little parcels keep arriving through my door.

First up, Katy Perry Eyelashes

I love Katy Perry, she's gorgeous and for some reason that made me want her eyelashes?!

Well, I think these are around £8 in Boots and I got all 3 of these for £9.50 plus £3 postage on Ebay. BARGAIN!

Not sure if i'm going to be able to pull off the double lashes but i'll give them a shot on a night out :)

Then, MORE Impress Nails!

Still loving these and I picked up this box for £4.80 on Ebay instead of £8.99 :)

These are called - Over The Moon

Next, Make Up Sponges

Why are these so expensive? I hate it when you see them in the shops and 2 are like £3. These actually came into work and I got 8 for £1.20 :) :) :)

Then, my Grandma gave me this cute sparkly keyring, it opens like a locket but currently, I have too many keyrings so might save it for a while.

New Bag Alert!

After purchasing my L K Bennett Anna Bag, I am meant to be staying dedicated to it and not using any others but, my boss kindly bought me this bag from Zara!


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