Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shoe Haul and the Newlife Centre

I love shoes and simply have way too many!

My fiancée is the manager of a shoe store but I still buy so many from elsewhere.

Here are last weekends purchases...

We have a store not too far away called the Newlife Centre. I'm not sure if they are everywhere but the one I go to is in Cannock, England. It is a charity where shops send there old season/faulty clothes that they haven't been able to sell for the charity to sell on for their benefit. So, it's all new stuff just really cheap!

You have to sign up for a membership but its about £3 for a whole year and you can find some amazing bargains.

These black shoes cost me £6.99! I adore the gems and they are originally from Jane Norman when they definitely would have cost a lot more!

These wedges are originally from New Look and cost £6.99 too! They're really high but the platform means they're comfortable.

Finally, these cost £4.99 from a shoe warehouse :) They were the last pair so I had the size 4 even though i'm normally a 5 but for that price you can't complain!


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