Friday, 13 July 2012

Lipstick Collection!

I thought i'd share my lipstick collection with you. Below are the ones that are actually in the right storage place and not the ones chucked in bags everywhere. 

35 and counting....

First up, 


Rosy Raisin
Natural Nymph

These are good but I don't tend to reach for them so probably wouldn't buy more. They're from the mineral collection and were £3 each.

L'oreal Caresse

Nude Ingenue
Lovely Rose - FAVOURITE
Tempting Lilac - FAVOURITE

These are a different story and my go to lipsticks at the moment. The nude doesn't really do much to my lips but I bought it because apparently it's Cheryl Cole's actual lipstick... 
These were £7.99 each.

Barry M - 100 - I think its called Bubblegum Pink. I can't see myself wearing this out unless its for fancy dress. I don't know how I ever wore it, it's hardly wearable! £4.99

No 7 - 60 - Chic - These 2 lipsticks are the same I think I got them in a free gift promotion. They're good for everyday plain wear and really moisturising.

Revlon Colourburst 

Lipstick - 02 baby pink - LOVE
Lipbutter - 075 - Lollipop - LOVE £7ish?

These are my unbranded lipsticks that came in sets but are actually really good and worth keeping!My favourites the first magenta pink.

Rimmel Testers

I think that i've mentioned before that we have a Rimmel stand where I work and over the years, i've collected these lipstick testers from the Reps that come in! They were new when I had them.. just to point out :)

006 Pink Blush x2 - I have an actual one of these as its one of my favourites :)
287 Rose Sorbet - I haven't worn this recently but I used to enjoy wearing it!
700 Nude Delight - a simple nude
206 Nude Pink - FAVOURITE :) a nice shimmery nude pink

Wet & Wild Glam & Care - not sure of the colour but its really moisturising
Nyx 504 Harmonica 
Miss Sporty 057 In Love
MAC Amplified Spiceflower and Frost Soft Illusion

These are the only two MAC lipsticks that I own simply because I hate the smell/taste of them. :( Vanilla is a no go for me as I can't stand it!


Here are my purchased Rimmel Lipsticks.

206 Nude Pink - Favourite (also in sample)
220 Retro 
086 Sugar Plum - I used to adore this lipstick until i lent it to a man to draw on his face for Halloween an it came back like this :'( I haven't repurchased it at the moment but in due course i'm sure I will.
006 Pink Champagne (also pink blush in samples)
085 Holler
062 Desirable

Whats your favourite lipstick?!


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Everyday Make up!

I love a lie-in first thing in the morning, so I usually only give myself 5-10 minutes for make up application. As long as I look presentable, i'm happy. I don't need to impress anyone at work!

I store all my everyday make up in this Betsey Johnson Leopard Print Bag from T K Maxx :)

Here's the basics:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff £11.99

This has been my holy grail foundation for almost two years! My skin breaks out so easily and this is the only thing that i've been able to stick with!

Applied with a sponge

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent £3.99 

I am a powder freak and go through one of these every 3 to 4 weeks! Excessive I know hence i don't use a high end powder! Also, an added bonus is that we have a Rimmel Stand at work so with my discount, i get it for around £3.20!

Applied with Eco Tools powder Brush

Stila Blush & Bronzer Duo in Pink glow

This was a bargain at T K MAXX for £3.99!

Applied with Eco Tools Blush Brush

No 7 Eyeliner pencil in Blackest Black £7.75 from Boots

Eyeliner is my must have product! i rarely leave the house without it. The No 7 eyeliner has good staying power on both upper and lower lash lines and i always buy one whenever i have a £5 voucher as they work out really cheap!

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara £8.99ish
No 7 Eyelash Curler £8ish

This has lasted ages and i'm waiting for it to run out but it doesn't seem to be getting close. I just curl my lashes first and then  pile on the coats of mascara :)

Bourjois Eyeshadow in BEIGE ROSE £4.99ish

I just use this all over my lid to brighten my eyes and cover up any mascara mistakes ....shhh.

L'oreal Caresse lipstick 03 Lovely Rose £7.99
Revlon Colorburst 008 Peony

And, if i've got an extra few minutes in the morning:

Maxfactor eyebrow pencil in Hazel 
Real Techniques Stippling Brush £11.99
Stila Eyeshadow in Cloud


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shoe Haul and the Newlife Centre

I love shoes and simply have way too many!

My fiancĂ©e is the manager of a shoe store but I still buy so many from elsewhere.

Here are last weekends purchases...

We have a store not too far away called the Newlife Centre. I'm not sure if they are everywhere but the one I go to is in Cannock, England. It is a charity where shops send there old season/faulty clothes that they haven't been able to sell for the charity to sell on for their benefit. So, it's all new stuff just really cheap!

You have to sign up for a membership but its about £3 for a whole year and you can find some amazing bargains.

These black shoes cost me £6.99! I adore the gems and they are originally from Jane Norman when they definitely would have cost a lot more!

These wedges are originally from New Look and cost £6.99 too! They're really high but the platform means they're comfortable.

Finally, these cost £4.99 from a shoe warehouse :) They were the last pair so I had the size 4 even though i'm normally a 5 but for that price you can't complain!


Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Haul

I've just had a lovely two weeks off work and spent the first in Weymouth and the second on an array of  day trips!

I turned 20 a fortnight ago - ahhhh! My chosen treat was to go to Cheshire Oaks :)

Its about an hour and a half away from where I live but the motorway journey was horrific! It felt so long and there were some terrible drivers!

I signed up on-line and received a 10% discount card that you could use in almost all the shops.

Well, onto what I bought :)

First stop - Warehouse

I purchased a top reduced from £30 to £15.

Next - The Cosmetics Company Outlet!

I was really excited to go to The CCO :)

I picked up one of the MAC tins from the Tartan Collection for £27. It contains the Fresco Rose Paint Pot, a lipglass in Budding Romance, Zoomlash Mascara and Pink Split Mineralized Eye-shadow.

Also from Mac, I picked up the Fresh Ice mineralized eye shadow for around £10 from one of the Winter Collections.

Finally - L K Bennett

I don't think that i've ever spent more than around £40 on a handbag until now... :) I switch my handbags up a lot but went to Cheshire Oaks with the aim of finding a designer handbag!
I ventured into Mulberry but decided they were too expensive.

I got the Anna Bag from L K Bennett for £99 after the 10% discount! The saleswoman told me that Pippa Middleton has it which obviously made it more exciting aha. It was reduced from £295! I definitely need to look after it and make it last!

Image from

I didn't buy as many things as I expected I would but i'm very pleased with my purchases and would definitely go again! :)

Actually i also bought some kitchen knives but they're not too exciting aha ;)