Saturday, 9 June 2012

What to buy HIM for his birthday?

It's my fiancées birthday soon and he's quite hard to buy for!

I looked for some inspiration online and there aren't many blog posts/youtube videos! So, i'm writing this post as an idea to anyone else who's a little stuck!

Firstly, my fiancée doesn't really play video games, so buying any of those are out of the question. Then, I didn't want to get him lots of clothes as they're just standard and I think I'd be more excited by them then he would!

 I ordered this leather wrap bracelet which is a Help for Heroes Charity Bracelet. It was £20 and hasn't arrived yet but I think the colours are nice and it reminds me of a male Pandora bracelet aha :)

Next, i've got these Gumy headphones to stop him from pinching mine.

He asked for the for the Men In Black and Rush Hour collection as they're his favourite films. Unfortunately Men In Black 3 won't be out on DVD by the time it's his birthday. I ordered these from Amazon.

 Next up, I bought this jumper from River Island. I actually got a dark grey one rather than the lighter one in the picture. This was £26 and i don't think i can go wrong with this as these are absolutely everywhere at the moment.

Then, i bought Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo. I gave him Diesel Only The Brave the original at Christmas and i hadn't even heard of this one but after smelling it in Boots i decided to get him this one aswell!
Finally, a novelty screen cleaner :)

I've bought him a few things for his football kit as well but now the hard part thinking of something personalised to give him!

I've done photos before so i need to come up with a new idea :)

Hope this helps!



Thursday, 7 June 2012

ClaireaBella Bags

How gorgeous are these bags?

Since seeing them on  'The Only Way is Essex', i thought they were really fun and cute especially as they're personalised!

I've found them on a website but i'm not sure if they're worth the price of £40ish for the one that would probably be most sensible in size.

But then they would make the most perfect beach/summer bag...

ooooohh can i resist?!

aha i love having things with my name on as when i was younger i didn't have anything as everything always said  Natasha rather than Tasha!

What do you think?


Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations - Fancy Dress :)

So, we all get two days off for the Queen's 60 years on the throne!

Everybody actually seems to be getting into the action and there are so many events going on for the Jubilee :)

On Saturday, there was a Mad Hatters Tea Party at our local community centre. Me and my fiancee help out behind the bar so we dressed up :)

I was Alice in Wonderland and my fiancee was the Cheshire Cat :)

I don't wear red lipstick very often because i don't think it suits me but there's no harm for fancy dress.

Also, in Jubilee Spirit, i picked up some pillow cases from ASDA that say King and Queen for £3 :)

The picture above is from Google and they're slightly different but it gives you an idea!