Thursday, 10 June 2010

May favourites

A week late - oh dear!

Yay for June :) I love June :) - maybe just because it's my birthday month :)
9 days left of my childhood :S

June minus all the exams plus all the sun = a good month :)

Every month i come to do this, the previous month has just flown by in a matter of seconds :O

Sorry for the funny lighting on the photo!

Number one this month definately my FAKEBAKE SELF TAN LOTION. I did a post on different fake tans before:

I'm not one of these people that has to wear fake tan all the time but it's fun every now and then :) and this one is amazing :)
Also, i take back what i said about the L'oreal instant spray on tan. I didn't get the point of going to the effort of evenly spraying for it to just wash off but, i went out the other night and felt really pale so hello quick fix tan :) It didn't rub off and looked natural :)

Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer in Light Matte: I love this :) On twitter i posted that my boss gave me this :) I love the fact that it is matte because i have ELF's warm brnzer and a few others and they are all REALLY REALLY glittery :) This one isn't to dark either :)

I've had pink glittery nails for like the last 2 weeks :) I randomly felt like jazzing up plain pink a bit - sparkle :) Barry M's light pink and then i think the glitter is Avon's colour trend :)

No7 eyeshadow in no.50 Tender. it's a shimmery pink bronze colour and just gives that finishing touch of colour to an every day make up look :)

Emanuel Ungaro MAC beauty powder in flower mist dew :) This was a bargain from the CCO. It's really pigmented but a great versatile colour for all over or blush :)

Finally, mini L'oreal Elnett hairspray. Before 2010, i would curl my hair maybe once a year seriously but now probably once a week :) My hair is practically straight so it requires a whole can of hairspray to hold it for an hour. Even with this hairspray it falls out by the end of the night so my favourite is more curly hair than actual hairspray ;) oooh and a plus :) i love minature products :) So cute :) and yes, i'm a total sucker for packaging :)

What is your favourite hairspray?


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  1. Aussie Volume.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!