Saturday, 12 June 2010


How many bottles and containers is it possible to purchase in a week?

i think i went a bit overboard!

First up, Batiste Dry Shampoo! I go through probably a can of this a month :O Thankfully it's only £2. It's just great for lazy days and i use it on clean hair too as it gives volume to my extremely flat hair :) Last time, i bought Boots own as they were out of Batiste but i wasn't impressed so my loyalty returned to Batiste :) it's pink and smells good too!

Then, VO5 whipped volumising mousse. I don't usually use mousse but as mentioned above my hair is flatter than flat so i will try anything to make it bigger! This was about £3.50 from Boots. I've only used it once so far but i think that it did make a difference! yeahh!

Then, i went to ASDA and they had alot of there face products half price! I think it was a one day thing as i've been back since and they're all back to full price again - BOO!

My skin reacts badly to quite a lot of face products so i have to be careful what i buy so i have a huge collection of things that i can't use!

I got Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub for £2! i'm yet to try this though so hopefully, it won't affect me :)

Then i got Nivea Visage Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - £2 once again :) I've used this :) It leaves your face feeling refreshed and soft :) When i got it home, i realised that the lid was cracked but for £2, i'll keep it :)

Then, Nivea Visage Light Moisturising Cream. £2 yay :) I put this on before going to bed and my skin felt soft in the morning :) So far so good :)

Finally, Kate Moss's Perfume - Kate. I got a 50ml spray for £10 from the local chemist on offer :) It's a florally scent an it might just be me but it smells a bit alcoholly - like too strong? but then it settles and is all nice again :)

How do you guys achieve big volumised hair???


  1. Nice buys!:D

    I use volumizing products from Aussie!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. great post! :) i just found your lovely blog and im definitely following :D i love the batiste blush dry shampoo too.. it has the best scent and it definitely givves amazing volume to my hair!
    another way i get volume is to spray some loreal elnett hairspray and then do a little back combing at the roots of my hair.. works a treat :D


  3. I just use dry shampoo to add volume, not a lot else has worke for me!