Sunday, 9 May 2010

yo :)

Blogger has not liked me this week! Everytime i've done a post, it has deleted itself and then autosaved when there is nothing to be saved, making me lose it all :( THREE times that has happened this week :( - which hasn't made me want to rewrite the posts :(

i ordered some grunge boots from New Look from the teen section :) It goes up to size 5 so i fit :) and they were only £25. i've wanted some for agesss but i've been trying to convince myself i didn't need them but 6 months later i still want them so i thought why not :)

New Look also have buy one get one free on all their jewellery at the moment - how good is that! So, i ordered a set of the same bracelets in both black and gold. £8 each.

i paid £4 postage and then only got the bracelets :( The boots were out of stock :( if they'd have told me, i wouldn't have brought the bracelets online, so at least they were BOGOF.

i think a picture from their website will be better...

Look out for a few haul posts to come :)


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