Monday, 3 May 2010

Recent buys :)

Here are a few items that i picked up recently that never got mentioned :O

i had nothing to wear for a night out - aha - happens every time - but i had no time to go anywhere other than my local ASDA :) Just my luck, i found 2 dresses that i couldn't decide out of so i brought both. They were only £8 each :) The other one is in the wash - maybe it'll appear in an OOTD post sometime. This floral print one is really nice on :) Maybe i should give ASDA a chance in future!

This is a jumpsuit from primark. It was £13 which personally i think is too much for Primark. i don't like to spend more than about £8 on one item from there as i feel it'd just be worth buying it from a 'better' shop. But, my mum convinced me to get it and it's actually really nice on although a bit short on me :S The picture doesn't do it any justice!

This top was also from primark - £8. I really like studs as they make things a bit edgier ;) It'll look good over leggings as it is long.

If you saw my sunglasses post, you will know that i was breaking a lot of my nice sunglasses :( So, i decided to invest in a pair i really liked and get them a case :) The sunglsses were only £5 at ASDA and they actually suit my face :) Then, a few days later i waas queuing with my friends in H&M when i saw a basket full of sunglasses cases for 50p - yes 50p!!! FULL ON BARGAIN! i have a case from Topshop that i paid £6 for!

Then, this flower headband is cute - £1.50 from a local shop :)

I ran out of Lush Imperalis Moisturiser, so more for convenience, i picked up an Olay set from the local chemist - wipes and cream :) I think i'll probably go and repurchase imperalis though. The Olay has an SPF factor in and its pretty good but not massively impressive.

Finally, this Herbal Essences conditioner - it smmells lush but does nayone else find it makes your hair go greasy quicker???


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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with you, it does! This shampoo and conditioner line is extremely moisturizing... I still use mine but only when I feel like moisturizing my hair and whenever I have no plans to go out the next day.

    I am actually going to be doing a review on these soon.:D

    Happy Friday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!