Friday, 21 May 2010

Maxi Dresses

So, the other day i picked up a maxi dress from H&M. It's a bit too long for me but i'm going to take it up :)

I'm 5'7 and personally, i didn't think i was tall enough to pull off a maxi dress but all of my friends have been convincing me to get one :) what height do you think is best to be able to pull off a maxi dress???

I searched for ages - i really wanted a plain black one - kind of sophisticated, more classy then a patterned one :) But, i couldn't find a plain black one anywhere!

Until H&M that is :) Hence, the reason i bought the dress even though it is slightly too long :) It was only £15 and it's really nice material. Thats the same price as the dresses in Primark!

Then, i came home and tried it on and my mum wasn't too impressed but i think it's growing on her :) She doesn't think it is very me but my style is really varied so she only likes half of what i wear anyway. She is all about girly but not grunge ;)

Then, extra goodies for me, my mum said she had some dresses like it somewhere. After digging through her wardrobe i had acquired two 'new' dresses :) I just need to take the sides in a bit :)

I prefer the one that i bought but i'm going to wear the others with some sandals and a nice necklace and and some good old bracelets :)

One of them is a maxi dress and the other knee lengthish :)

Mum also got me this dress from ASDA for £9 i think. It's really flowery and summery :) Asda actually sell some quite nice clothes.


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