Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mac at the CCO :) & Jack Wills

Last Sunday, me and my friend took a trip to Bicester. It is an outlet village in Oxfordshire and we went because we knew there was a CCO there! (cosmetics company outlet for those that don't know)

It was a really hot day and soo much fun :) i made my first proper MAC purchases!!! i could've spent days just looking at all the make up! For some reason, i had the impression that the CCO would be really trampy and that we would be lucky if we there were a few MAC products about. So, we were real suprised to find MAC stuff all nicely laid out.

i spent £40 and got these 3 things:

i got a mineralised eyeshadow duo in Devil Daycare. £10.50 I love the purple shade :) Then, i got the Emanuel Ungaro beauty powder in Flower mist dew. It's a really nice colour and has good pigmentation. They had some of the beauty powders from the Hello Kitty collection which i found hard to resist due to the beautful packaging but the Emanuel Ungaro one had better pigmentation. £11
i then got a 165 brush which i've been using for blush and bronzer.(contouring) £18.50

Then i got a t shirt from Jack Wills for £14 instead of £34!

Then i got these two bikini tops for £5 each :) instead of £15

Also, a juicy couture store has opened there today! So gutted that we missed it. Another reason to go back :)


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  1. I love Bicester! You got some great purchases from the CCO, I'm going there next week :D