Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday Shopping

Hey, hope everyone in England had a good Bank Holiday :) It's the only time that i can get my mum to come shopping with me! My mum absolutely hates shopping, unlike me :) but it's kind of tradition that we go every bank holiday :)

This dress and belt came together. It was only £20 at T K Maxx :) I normally can't stand rummaging through all the racks because i never seem to find anything but my mum was taking ages... hence me finding the dress - woop!

Next, Dry Shampoo is literally my life saver! It just comes in so useful - it makes your hair feel fresh if you've skipped washing it and gives good volume :) I went into Boots to get the Batiste dry shampoo like always but they didn't have it! so, i thought i'd try Boots own - i think i prefer Batiste though. Its about £2.

My previous white pumps were £15 from Topshop but now they've been over worn and chnaged colour i decided to just get some cheap Primark ones - they all look the same and were only £2!

This cardigan was reduced to £3 in Primark. My mum bought it for herself but it didn't fit so i got it :) I'm not too keen on the puffy sleeves though and it's a bit too 'smart' for me but i'm sure it'll find a a purpose.

Primark tights are a bargain! The thick ones don't ladder and are just handy to have for £2. Then i picked up these grey knee high socks for £1.50 :)

Then, i got this laptop bag from Paperchase in Selfridges for £12.75. It's cute and a lot nicer than the ones they were trying to sell me in the computer shop!!!


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