Friday, 30 April 2010


I keep a notebook in my bag all the time. In the front, i write my to do lists - anything that comes to mind that i ought to do and then in the back, my wishlist - everything i want :)

These are a few of the things that have been lingering around on this list for a while :S

All images from Google.

This smells so nice :) i like really sweet things so i don't think it would be eveyones favourite :S

Miley Cyrus has these boots - i tried them on in All Saints :) but i don't have £260 to buy them :( but i will settle with a cheaper pair :)

Pandora bracelets are so nice :) especially if the charms have meaning to you :)

My hair doesn't have that much volume and these look cool :) You can get different colour plastic bits depending on your hair colour. i think they are around £10.

i have fake uggs but i really want real ones :) eventhough it's Summer now :) i want the original chestnut ones :) i might ask for them for my birthday :)


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