Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shoes :)

YAY :) soo yess, i did go and make some cakes :)
They're not very exciting atm, i might decorate them with icing later - thats if there are any left ;) Everyone's just come home and eaten half of them already :O

Making these haul posts from Monday are really making me think that i overdid the shopping - whoops!!!

My shoe collection is pretty large but i don't have like a go to pair of dolly shoes. i have plenty of them just not one pair that i really love. So, to fix that hole :) i purchased these awesome shoes from Urban Outfitters :) They were £28 but somebody informed that they have since been put down to £15. Just my luck!

How Cute is the inside of them!!!

Then, i picked up these really cheap sandals from Primark :)

i really wasn't expecting them to be any good at all after the measly £2 i paid for them but i've got to say i'm impressed :) Other than the fact that everyone will know they're from primark they're pretty nice and perfect for the purpose i bought them for!! more on that later :)


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  1. Love the shoes :)

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