Friday, 2 April 2010

March Favourites :)

March is over already. yay for easter holidays :)

I've started curling my hair a LOT recently. I hardly ever did it in the past because i got a really bad burn on my neck a few years ago fromt he curlers - whoops! but the Andrew Barton heat defence spray has really saved my hair :) it has a tropical smell - i'm not overly keen on the smell but it definately does the job :)

Then, another hair product - after excessively burning my hair, i used the moisturising conditioner by James Brown. it is really good!!! i'm going to go buy a big bottle. This came free with this months glamour magazine that only costs £2 so i suggest you go pick it up :)

Elf corrective concealer :) 4 colours - a light beige that i use as a regular concealer, a green shade that covers up redness. A pink for under eye circles and a darker beig colour that is too dark for me so i use it as an eye primer :) and for £3.50 this is a bargain!

Benefit onyx eyeliner - MY LIFE.

Ruby & Millie eyeshadow brush :) - an everyday essential - great for applying all over lid colour.

Lush Imperalis Moisturiser - i got this in the heads,shoulder,knees and toes set. its the normal to oily skin one and I LOVE IT! The smells a bit odd but that doesn't matter - when this trial size pot runs out (its lasted ages...) i WILL invest in the full size one :)

Rimmel Magnif'eyes mascara - this is a repurchase and second time round i love it :) its in blackest black and makes my lashes so much longer and thicker :) also, special offer in ASDA - only £3 :)

Avon Cynthia Rowley all over face powder :) i fell for the packaging and its pink :) enough said.

Happy Easter

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