Monday, 5 April 2010

Make up :)

So, make up :)

We have a Rimmel London Stand where i work, so i get a slight discount of some items :)

i was using the Rimmel 16 hour foundation in shade 200 beige but, with this very sad winter we've been having, i've gone really pale and had to get a shade 100 ivory :O i bought it in the new stay matte rimmel foundation and at the moment i'm not that impressed, it doesn't give as much coverage as i'd like. £4.49 for me

Next, i got a Rimmel Metallic Cream Shadow innumber 51 SOHO which is a light pink, i already have it in 71 KENSINGTON which is a silver glitter colour :) It works as a good base :) £2.49 for me

Then, i got a Rimmel Special Eyes Duo Shadow in 383 BUDDING STAR which has a shimmery white shadow and a matte pale green :)£???

NOW, even more of a bargain than my staff discount = poundland!!!

The other day, ***Sprinkleofglitter*** did a post about this. ( i was going to link her blog, but bloggers telling me it's gone???) i thought it was crazy but as me and my friend were passing poundland on the way to the bus stop we thought we'd have a look. So, all of this cost £3!!!

Maybelline dream mousse eyecolor 07 divine lilac

Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow in 99 Charcoal

Almay powder light/medium 200 ( i think this is an American brand - i've heard about it on youtube videos)

how impressive is that ;)

Then, a few people have been raving about the Primark foundation/concealer brush but, i didn't really need one so, i thought i'd try the blush brush. it looks nice and pink but i don't think its really firm enough for a good application.




  1. How does the Rimmel Foundation work on you? Does it really stay matte?
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Yes actually, the foundation does stay matte for now. We'll see how it copes with the hot weather :) it just doesn't give much coverage.

    Nice blog :)