Thursday, 8 April 2010


So, i'm off to IRELAND next week :) YAY!!!
I'm going with a friend - Cat :) andd us lame people are going to see JEDWARD ( X FACTOR) on tour whilst we're over there :)

WE wanted the cheapest travel expenses possible so we are flying with Ryan air but yeh, as always there is a slight catch. If we want to take luggage we have to pay an extra £15 each!! We are going for about 4 days and my friend thinks that we are going to be able to live off our hand luggage. She might be able to but me? NEVER! aha - so i'm slightly worried about this.

In my shoe haul post, i mentioned there was a purpose to me buying the Primark £2 sandals: Well, i'm going to take them with me and throw them away before i come home as i really will need the space....

My plan was to buy all my clothes and everything i would possibly need whilst i was over there and maybe just wear it all back on the plane but since seeing the exchange rate i'm a bit put off!!! Why is the exchange rate so horrible??? 100 euros has cost me 96 pounds :O

Oh well, we are going to make it a crazy fun week - so look out for pictures and maybe a few vlogs :)


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