Sunday, 18 April 2010

ELF Haul

Finally here...

i got all of this for £31 - how amazing is that!!!

Excluding the bank holiday, it came next day delivery!!!

These were £1.50 each - you can't go wrong, hence i bought 3 of them. The colours are pigmented and the plumper has a tingly feeling, i haven't really analysed how well it plumps though, so i'll keep watch on that. The shades are fire coral,oasis and baby doll.

i have all the brushes from the studio collection (£3.50 each and my god are they amazing!!!) Around this time, i also purchased one brush from the standard lne - the blending brush and i love that too! So, i've decided to test out a few more of the normal line brushes. These are the total face brush, blush/bronzer blush and an eyeshadow brush.

Then, i am a total disaster with liquid eyeliner! A friend recommend trying some gel liner, and lucky for me, this is one of ELFS new stock items. It was £3.50 from the studio line and I CAN APPLY IT! aha - trust me - it is a miracle. it's a good jet black and stays on all day!

I don't usually wear false eyelashes either but i wante dto give them a go - so i thought why not and just picked these up for £1.50.

The eyelid primer was £1.50 and i want to see if it actually makes any difference to my eyeshadow before buying the urban decay one as i've tried face primer and found it has no difference on my skin.

i needed a new concealer - i really like this one so far :)

i picked up the pressed powder just to make my order over £30 to get free delivery. It might be good but i haven't opened it as it looks way to dark for my skin :(

Then i wanted a bronzer that didn't make me look like an oompa loompa so i picked up the golden toned one. Its really good to swirl your kabuki brush in the middle. Its just a bit too shimmery.

The liquid eyeliner is in plum and has a good strong line but i got this for my friend hence the fact that me and liquid eyeliner equals total disaster.

Natural Nynmph is my new favourite lipstick of all time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. its a perfect nude.

i haven't tried Rosy Raisin yet but i have high hopes for it now!

All products were from
. Has anyone else tried elf?


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  1. I love E.L.F's products - they are amazing value! I got 15 items recently (I think I sent either £20 or £25, can't quite remember lol)

    Anyway, I highly recommend anyone to try their stuff!