Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Today has been quite a nice day :) i'm in the mood to go and make some cakes :)

I bought quite a few items of clothing and shoes but, stupidly i didn't pick up a dress to wear on Friday for my friends 18th :O How stupid.

First up is this top from River Island, it was in the sale for £7, i wouldn't have brought it if it was full price. My mum isn't too impresed with it ;) She doesn't understand why anyone would buy half a top but then again she's only just come to accept ripped jeans :)

Then, for £16.99 at River Island, i chose this top. This ones cute and fits e really well - it says 'we're so pretty, ooh so stunning' and it has sequins on it ;)

Then, i wanted one of these tops for a while but they were like £20 in Topshop. This one was only £7 in New Look. It looks better on then it does on the hanger.

Next was a trip to Primark; i was shopping with a friend who practically only shops here :O She literally bought half the shop! i settled for a few things :)

i have a really cute purple flowery lace top from H&M but this one was only £4 so i thought why not?

Then my favourite pieces of clothing :) This is a pink and black tunic that i picked up today, i also have a blue and red one that i got the other week, there's a picture of me wearing it in my about me post :) In urban outfitters, there is a tunic top practically exactly the same as this and i have wanted it for ages! So, how happy was i when i saw these in primark for ONLY £5 each. Bargain!

Next, a nautical style skirt :) This was quite expensive for Primark - actually that might just be me who thinks that? does anyone else think that £9 on one item in primark is expensive? it's quite thick and one of those skirts that just want to twirl around in all day :)

Next post - shoes :)


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