Saturday, 20 March 2010

Twilight make up

Like everyone else in the world :) i'm a huge twilight fan but when i say fan i mean i have an obsession :) With anything, i can't just like it i have to be obsessed with it :S - so at the moment and for the past few years, my obsessions have been Diddl, Twilight and Miley Cyrus. Yesss, i like Miley even if half the world doesn't :)

So, following with Twilight, i fall for all the marketing tricks even though i'm doing a business studies A- level. I buy everything and anything with a Twilight logo on it :O
So, i found these goodies on - YAYY!!! i might say :)

Looking back, i regret these purchases but i guess they can be a bit of a novelty :S i spent £40 on a mascara, lipstick and lip gloss that are not worth the money.

This was around £10 and is literally a clear gloss. It does say sheer on the packaging but i skipped over this when ordering and i was expecting a really cool hot pink colour :( But i love the packaging and its still pretty cute :)

This was around £14 i think and just doesn't do anything for me. The mascara formula is too liquidy and therefore doesn't do anything to enhance my lashes - the brush isn't too good either :( Once again i fell for the logo :( and i could've bought two decent drugstore mascars for that :O

Finally, this lipstick was about £16??? On the website the swatch was a true baby pink but when it arrived i had this red colour??? Even a photo can't change that much can it :S But this was the best item of the three :) it has colour pay off and is quite moisturising and this is the one item i'm actually happy with :) it's not my first choice of colour as i'm a pink person but i do like it :)

It's a lesson i never learn....


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