Sunday, 28 March 2010


SUMMER IS BACK :) yayyyy :)

hello sunglasses :)

i used to be able to say that i had never broken a pair of sunglasses until this past month :( I have a friend who goes through a pair a week and now that might be me :O But, for now i've just kept all the broken ones because i like them too much to throw away :(

Currently, out of these, only the 3 on the left and the pink heart ones are in working order :S

i carry them around in my bag and they just seem to break so i'm gonna need to find some hard cases for them :)

The pink heart ones are from Topshop and were kinda an impulse buy :)

The white ones are from New Look and make me look like a bug :O

The other pink ones are from Primark and i bought them because i wanted some pink sunglasses???

No idea where the brown ones are from - i've had them a while :)

The lens less ones are from H & M

and the 2 side less ones are from River Island :(

So, to make sure at least a few pairs of these last the summer, i'm gonna try and find some cases to put them in and being as i'm not really in love with any of those sunglasses :S

i shall go and find myself a new pair :)

Also, at the end of this post it is time to say goodbye to all the broken sunglasses that are in a pile in my bin.......about time!

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