Wednesday, 17 March 2010

shopping :)

i picked up a few items recently :)

My FAVOURITE been these heels from new look :)
that were only £20

Then, i picked up some odd bits.

i'm off to ireland in a few weeks :)

so, i need travel sized items :)
Asda have this real cool little atnad where you can pick any 4 items for £3. For now, i got mini toothpaste, hand cream, toner and a rather big sanitiser :) But, i'm gonna go and get some mini shampoo/conditioners and things.

Then, i've seen this make up bag on many a blog but i really like it :) and for the tiny price of £1.50 from Primark, you can't go wrong so i picked it up :)

Then i got some hair grips :) which recently i've started calling bobby pins from all the American Youtube videos i watch :O I always seem to lose them so i decided to stock up :)

I got some eye make up remover pads from Boots for like £2 - i'm always lazy and just clean my face with a wipe but to stop me having to scrub at my eyes i though i'd better get something.

Then, i had 2 No. 7 £5 make up vouchers to use up before the 28th March, so i picked up 2 metallic eyeliners :) One is a turquoise and the others purple and i only had to pay £2 each for them - bargain :)



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