Sunday, 14 March 2010

Project 10 Pan

In an earlier post, i mentioned that i had too much stuff which got me thinking about starting project 10 pan. i heard about it from lollipop26 and allthatglitters21 on youtube. I started it about a month before i started this blog so, i'm actually doing quite well with it :)

I'm 6 products through now - yay :) but it's going to be a lot harder to use up another 4!!!

1) REVLON SLIDE GLOSS - this was just a clear gloss but i wasn't much of a fan. Any colour you wore underneath it transferred onto the applicator and the product seemed never ending, which i suppose was a good thing but i was determined to use it all up.

2) CARMEX TUB - my saviour through winter :) i was kind of sad to see this one go especially as i shouldn't be repurchasing anything - (naughty me - i replaced it with lush bubblegum lip scrub). The trusty old carmex.

3) RIMMEL PRESSED POWDER - this was rather good :) no amazing effects but i'd probably repurchase :)
4) AVON PINK GLITTER GLOSS - this was meant to be a lip plumper and it actually kind of worked :) it had a nice tingling effect and a gorgeous colour :)

5) NO.7 INTENSE VOLUME MASCARA - i'm so glad this is finally gone :) it was only a small bottle and seemed to last forever and yess i probably did end up having it for more than 3 months... i mean there's still product in there, i feel bad throwing it away.

6) ELF MINERAL FACE PRIMER - this didn't do much for me - it just became an extra step in my everyday routine. The pump broke after having it a week and i've just been scooping product out ever since. i love elf products but this one never again :( maybe thats too harsh - i just didn't notice any difference to not using one.

The other 4 are going to be a lot harder to use up. A close one might be a rimmel eyeshadow that i've hit pan on though :) i've never used up an eyeshadow in my life so that'll be an achievement :)

current progress:

(there still seems to be so much left!! )

i don't mind as long as i'm 10 products down by the time the MAC liberty of london collection arrives in the UK, the packaging is soo cute :)



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